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Your next adventure is just one inspiration away

As an adventurous and outgoing photographer it's one of my goals to carry my stories and experiences in photos and videos to all kind of people out there: From just purely interested people to outdoor enthusiasts, small to large organizations, conferences to festivals on all kind of stages.

My pure joy lies in lifting your inspiration and motivation. Come follow along outstanding adventures with unique travel stories and book my solo Norway adventures and vanlife workshops or our Iceland volcano story together with my twin brother Max as we stand on stage as Lehrke Twins Photography. Our experience differs from presenting in front of smaller and larger scaled crowds, from indoor locations to outdoor festivals. One thing is clear: You wanna leave your comfort zone afterwards! I am glad to take you with me and dive into the deep nature of our planet. 


Upcoming Events [GER language]:

13.05.23: Norway, Globetrotter Bonn

06.07.23: DIY Bulli, Globetrotter Dortmund

07.07.23: DIY Bulli, Globetrotter Düsseldorf

03.08.23: DIY Bulli, Globetrotter Wiesbaden

04.08.23: DIY Bulli, Globetrotter Trier

13.05.23: Norway, Globetrotter Bonn

30.08.23: Iceland, Globetrotter Dortmund

21.09.23: Norway, Globetrotter Dortmund

05.10.23: Iceland, Globetrotter Wiesbaden

06.10.23: Norway, Globetrotter Trier

12.10.23: Norway, Globetrotter Bonn

26.10.23: Norway, Globetrotter Wiesbaden

26.10.23: Norway, Globetrotter Wiesbaden

27.10.23: Norway, Globetrotter Trier

07.12.23: Iceland, Globetrotter Trier

08.12.23: Iceland, Globetrotter Bonn

11.01.24: Balkan, Globetrotter Dortmund

12.01.24: Peru, Globetrotter Düsseldorf

18.01.24: Peru, Globetrotter Köln

19.01.24: Norwegen, Globetrotter Hannover

25.01.24: Island, Globetrotter Frankfurt

26.01.24: Island, Globetrotter Wiesbaden

01.02.24: Island, Globetrotter Düsseldorf

02.02.24: Island, Globetrotter Dortmund

27.02.24: Balkan, Globetrotter Köln

29.02.24: Norwegen, Globetrotter Dortmund

01.03.24: Balkan, Globetrotter Düsseldorf

14.03.24: Norwegen, Globetrotter Leipzig

15.03.24: Iceland, Globetrotter Berlin

16.03.24: Iceland, Globetrotter Hamburg

21.03.24: Norwegen, Globetrotter Karlsruhe

22.03.24: Peru, Globetrotter Trier


Lecture / Talk 

Norway - With the self converted "Bulli" 8.000km towards the midnight sun

The journey is the destination - the experiences, adventures and memories that shape a journey and make it unforgettable, captured in spectacular photos and videos: 


As a professional photographer, Sebastian Lehrke takes on more than a total of 8,000km in just five weeks to drive his self-converted Bulli "Frieda" to far north of the Arctic Circle. The high north of Europe is the goal. The way there is completely unplanned before. Living into the day, soaking up the deceleration and lingering, where spectacular nature, never-ending days, extreme weather and impressive experiences await. Sebastian takes you into a world full of outdoor adventures to Norway and may also have a tip or two for you, if you also want to go with a van soon.

Natural wonder Iceland - Between Northern Lights and Lava
[Together with Maximilian Lehrke - Lehrke Twins Photography]

Lecture / Talk 

March 2021, lockdown in Germany, travel is almost impossible. The Cologne twins Maximilian and Sebastian Lehrke nevertheless set off for Iceland and put up with the strict entry requirements.


The goal: breathtaking, deserted landscapes with the hope of photographing the stunning northern lights. But what happens the day after the arduous 5-day quarantine, they could not have dreamed of themselves: Volcanic eruption in the Krysuvik volcanic system!



DIY Bulli T4 - From a police vehicle to remote vanlife within only 6 weeks

In this workshop I tell how I started with the creative process of the van conversion, how to go into the planning of the basic structure, what challenges I have encountered, what materials and tools were used and how over time Bulli "Frieda" has always evolved. Because one thing is clear: Such a rebuild is never over and you are actually constantly working on such a heart project. Therefore, it should also apply to the workshops: Everything can come differently than I plan with you. Because apart from the contents prepared by me, you may pester me with questions and topics which will make the workshops interactive and each of them individual.

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